Bass Trombone

Kanstul 1662i (Brian Rogers leadpipe) - Bach 50 BL (Rogers - modifications)

Bach 1 1/4

Music Heroes:
Charles Clinton Peterson, Doris Joy Fairchild Peterson, Edward Kleinhammer, Reynold Schilke, Weston Noble, Henry Salita, Tom Tallis, George Roberts, Morgana King, Raymond Premru, Alan Ginsberg, Albert Schweitzer, Alan Watts, TuliKupferberg, The Fugs, Bill Byrd, Pearls Before Swine, The U.S. Army Band - Pershing's Own, Stan Kenton, Arthur Godfrey, The Four Freshmen, Alfred Deller, Terry Riley, Poppy Nogood and the Phantom Band, Bade Ghulam Ali Kahn, Gil Evans, John Cage, Harry Partch, Rick Maurer, Colonel Gilbert Mitchell, Captain Lawrence A. Devron, E. Douglas Birchby, Gene Vest, Calvert Schenk, Thomas G. Harris, Whistlin' Pete
Bass Trombonist, Dave Peterson, founding member of the Chicago Brass Band, appears frequently as a soloist with the band and is a member of the Chicago Brass Band Players. Dave really likes to get into character for an audience favorite like "Frosty the Snowman".

Dave holds the Bass Trombone Chair in the Evanston Symphony (and he also sits in it when playing). He works with Tom Kordus' Chicago Trombone Authority professional trombone choir. During the summer, Dave plays with the DeKalb Municipal Band under its 90+ year-young director Dee Palmer. This is the oldest continuously organized city concert band in the U.S. Dave is a devoted student of George Roberts vocal bass trombone style and the Stan Kenton big band tradition which he puts to good use in his work with John Smith's Shenanigans Big Band. He enjoys freelancing.

Dave studied under legendary Bass Trombonist of the Chicago Symphony Edward Kleinhammer, and with the renowned trumpeter and trumpet craftsman/designer Reynold Schilke. Having been mentored at Luther College by Weston Noble, Dave subsequently graduated with specialties in instrumental and choral music from The Chicago Musical College of Roosevelt University. Dave holds the degree Master of Arts.

Dave is a former member of the U.S. Army Band in Washington, D.C. where he met Brian Rogers who played Solo Baritone in the CBB and who built this custom bass trombone for Dave. While in Washington, Dave sang counter-tenor in the Choir of the National Cathedral under Paul Calloway and at St. Paul's on K Street under E. Douglas Birchby. Some of Dave's esoteric musical interests include playing the Indian Tambura and Tibetan and Mongolian harmonic singing.