Craig Johnson
Second Baritone

York 3056 Preference 4 valve compensating baritone built about 2010
Wick SM6
Music Heroes:
My musical inspiration comes from many musicians, but the brass players include Adolph Herseth, Charlie Vernon, Christian Lindberg, the Chicago Symphony brass and Empire Brass. Margaret Hillis and John Paynter taught me now important it is to know where a musical line is going and how to make a note fit melodically, harmonically, and expressively.

I began trombone in fifth grade and added euphonium in high school. In college, I learned the traditional solo repertoire and played the Jacob concerto on tour with the band. At Northwestern, I studied with Frank Crisafulli. After college, I played in the Northwest Suburban Brass Quintet, North Side Symphony, Northshore Band, Northwest Symphony, and Fox Valley Concert Band. I've directed my church choir for 40 years, and led teams of brass players at Salvation Army kettles Thanksgiving - Christmas for 21 years. Music has enriched my life with beauty and rewarding friendships.