The unique sound of the brass band is achieved by utilizing a specific formula of brass instruments. Cornets are used for the soprano voice, rather than using the brighter trumpets of a wind ensemble or symphonic band. Solo flugel horn, Eb tenor horns and Bb baritone horns replace the french horns for the middle voices. The bass section is layered with the various rich, dark sounds of euphoniums, tenor trombones, bass trombone, Eb tubas, and Bb tubas. The ensemble is completed by three percussionists who use all percussion disciplines. By using this combination of instruments, the ensemble achieves a rich harmonic "voice", emulating the sound of a pipe organ. It is this sound or "voice" that gives the brass band its own unique style.

The goal of the Chicago Brass Band is to perform music of the highest quality that is both technically challenging and entertaining for the audience. The group performs music composed specifically for brass bands as well as traditional classical, jazz, modern and American literature arranged for brass band. The wide variety of literature and smaller size of the ensemble, enables the band to perform in a wide variety of settings.

Ideal venues for a Chicago Brass Band performance:

Theaters and Auditoriums which present high quality acts for their programmed series.

Universities, Colleges and secondary educational centers that wish to provide diverse musical experiences for their students faculty and audiences.

Cities, towns and villages that need to provide entertainment for special festivals,holiday functions or regular concert series.

Symphonies or choral groups that wish to program music featuring brass choir accompaniment and joint concerts.

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