Steve is one of the co-founders of Chicago Brass Band, served on its Board of Directors, and was the Tuba Section Leader. He played BBb Bass with CBB from its inception until autumn 2007, experiencing CBB's first NABBA Championship, first entry in the World Brass Band Competition in Kerkade, Netherlands, and first performance at the Brass Band Festival in Danville, KY.

From 2002 until 2007, Steve was the tuba player for Chicago Brass Band Players. He was the 10-piece group's Director for 3 years. During that time, CBB Players took First Place in the NABBA Small Brass Ensemble Competition twice, performing Vivaldi's "Winter" from The Seasons in 2005 and Richard Bissell's brilliant arrangement of Caravan in 2006.

Steve still subs with CBB on occasion. But he truly misses:
- playing the sophisticated and challenging brass band music
- the social aspect of a great group of musical friends
- working with Colin Holman, a fantastic, constantly well-prepared Musical Director and total gentleman

Steve now performs in many different ensembles, primarily in orchestras, and still plays the 4/4 Nirschl CC that served as his primary "axe" with CBB. But he has added to his arsenal a 6/4 Mel Culbertson B&S Model 4098 "Neptune" CC/BBb (on long-term loan from a generous friend), a Besson 983S compensating Eb tuba, and an extremely rare 50-pound Conn 48K 4-valve BBb Grand Jumbo sousaphone built in 1930 (the latter played primarily for Dixieland, dance band, klezmer, German and Polish polka bands [complete with lederhosen], funk, and other "ethnic" ensembles).

Steve is also Manager of Sales for PianoForte Chicago, which moves in Summer 2013 from the Fine Arts Building to a newly-designed and built Piano Center a few blocks south on Michigan Avenue for sales, performances, and other activities supporting Piano Culture in the 21st century.

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